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product portfolio

By the method of the molecular dispersion in the dehydration (removal of water molecules) of organic substances, the products listed below can be manufactured as required and corresponding to the market situation in the factory:

  • Egg products
  • milk products
  • fruit juices
  • vegetables
  • pharmacy products
  • renewable energy

For a complete list in PDF format can be downloaded here (right click on link, save target as ...): product portfolio

Project Development


Our performances in customer order:

  • We offer both private and governmental institutions, the planning and implementation of complete production plants according Vitamol role model.
  • We develop projects and feasibility studies.
  • We assist as a license partner newly developed projects from planning through to implementation of the final product on the market.

Other production facilities modeled by Vitamol are under construction and will in future produce additional exciting products:

  • Camel milk powder
  • Baby milk powder on camel milk basis
  • Baby milk powder
  • Tomatoe powder
  • Cholesterol-free egg powder

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