The company


Vitamol is a trademark and represents the production of high quality powder products from food.

These high-quality powder products are manufactured with the trademark-protected method MD - Molecular Dispersion Technology.

By means of the newly developed process "Molecular dispersion" (MD-method) the raw product is atomized and dried with the help of temperature and pressure. The "Molecular dispersion"-process distinguishes itself from other methods especially through a faster and an extremely considerate drying of the raw product. This results in an almost complete and unaltered preservation of vitamins, trace elements and proteins in the pulverized end product. The new drying technology from Vitamol ensures that the pulverized end products show an unmatched dry solid in connection with highest solubility. These characteristics guarantee highest ability to regenerate and an almost infinite shelf fife of the product without chilling and airtight locking. The MD-method allows customerised recipes to be incorporated into the pulverized end product before the drying process. Already well ahead of the start of production this advanced technology enabled Vitamol to open up new markets for many powder based products that could not yet be produced using the recent state of technology.

The process of "molecular dispersion" is characterized by a more rapid and extremely gentle drying of the output medium with the result that in particular, vitamins, trace elements and proteins remain almost completely unchanged and preserved in the final powder.

Today the Vitamol Association, under the leadership of Martin Wilke and Ivette GbR, belongs to the most innovative companies worldwide. Every year at least one new innovation from the MD technology to market implementation is produced. More information on the latest product innovations can be found below in the section Research and Development.

Research and development activities

In parallel to the ongoing development of the MD technology, Vitamol is also operating in the field of batch cleaning procedures for milking equipment and the oil damage removal at sea and - / ice surfaces under the brand Viamond.

Product developments
  • non-hygroscopic powder
  • product recipes
  • camel milk powder
  • Packaging with nutritional value (animal feed for 3rd/4th world)
  • self-warming bottles
  • Protein stockholding / storage
  • Flavors / pharmaceutical products
Application purposes powder products
  • Food Technology
  • Polymer Technology (EADS / Airbus Industries)
  • Environmental technology (sewage disposal)
  • renewable energies
  • carbonisable raw materials (fuel cells technology)

Work groups and network

Vitamol, represented by Mr. Wilke, is active as an audited Member of the 5th Working Group of European development banks, led by the KfW banking group. The agenda and list of participants are available for Download (right click on link, save target as ...).

The Fraunhofer Institute in Munich has taken up the Vitamol GmbH in the existing venture capital network in cooperation with Deutsche Bank AG in 2001.